Myo Munchee & Bebe Munchee

O’Brien Wellness is proud to be a Certified Myo Munchee and Bebe Practitioner and to be able to offer the Myo Munchee and the Bebe Munchee to our clients!

The Myo Munchee was developed over 50 years ago, initially to help support healthy teeth and gums. As clients began to use the Munchee, additional benefits became apparent such 

  • Improving proper lip seal
  • Improvising correct swallow pattern
  • Strengthening the muscles of the orofacial complex
  • Improving nasal breathing pattern
  • Effective saliva management
  • TMJ disorders 
  • Improving pharyngeal tone that may impact sleep disordered breathing
  • Decreasing snoring
  • Provide oral sensory input
  • And more!

The Bebe Munchee is designed for babies 6- 18 months. It is designed to support optimal oral health development, and is a perfect replacement for pacifiers! 

If you want to learn more about the Munchee and how it may benefit you or your child, schedule a free consultation.