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by | Mar 2, 2024

Untied: Educational & Group Therapy for Tongue and Lip Ties

Tongue ties are a hot topic as of late. As a parent, you have received conflicting information from providers and from social media. This group is designed to provide evidence-based research into all things ties! Topics will vary based on the needs of the group but may include:

  • What are tongue and lip ties
  • How they may impact feeding development
  • How they may impact speech and language development
  • Whole body impact
  • The importance of pre/post-release therapy
  • Timing of a release
  • How to choose a provider
  • The importance of bodywork 

Functional screenings will be offered during each session for infants through adults!

This is a family-friendly class.

Cost $25

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Starting Solids with Confidence!

Tired of conflicting information on the best way to start your child with foods? Join Andrea O’Brien, feeding specialist, break through the conflicting information and help you create a plan you are comfortable with. Topics will vary based on the needs of the group, but may include:

  • Oral motor skill development
  • Purees
  • Baby-led weaning 
  • Best first foods
  • Feeding red flags
  • Cups, straws, utensils, and more!

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Cost $25


Group Feeding Therapy- Little Explorers & Jr Explorers

It all starts with an individual evaluation to help identify your child’s strengths and challenges and to ensure that a group setting is appropriate for your child.  Your child will have their own individual goals that they will be working towards during group time. 

Each week there will be a theme for the food items presented- they may be seasonal items, correlate to a story, etc. Parents will be provided with handouts that cover the topic of the session, as well as skills and/or approaches that were successful for your child. Ways to help with carryover at home will also be covered. 

 Explorers will learn how to engage with new foods in a fun and stress-free environment. Little explorers are taught a pressure-free approach to increasing their confidence around new foods! 

Session duration: 8 Week Sessions

Cost: $800 

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Tummy Time Group. Infant baby laying on stomach with head up and smiling

Tummy Time Group

This group is designed for the pre-crawling baby. Come and learn about the importance of tummy time for your baby’s overall development. We will talk about developmental milestones, problem-solving tummy time challenges, how to use tummy time to build co-regulation skills, and more! 

Please bring a soft blanket with you. 

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Cost $20