Holistic Occupational Therapy

When was the last time you sat down with a health care provider and felt your concerns were heard and validated?


At O’Brien Wellness, we take pride in offering comprehensive evaluations and treatments that allow for the time to really understand your unique concerns. Then together we create a treatment plan that takes your strengths and challenges into consideration. We work as a team to create goals that work to enhance your life, reduce stress, anxiety, pain, and restore balance and joy within your life.

Holistic Occupational Therapy works to restore balance with the body and within your life.


At O’Brien Wellness, each client is treated as the unique and beautiful individual that they are. At O’Brien Wellness, we believe that true health happens when the mind, the body, and the spirit are in balance. This happens when our physical, psychological, and social needs are met.

Holistic Occupational Therapy blends complementary and alternative modalities (CAM’s) into each session based on the needs of the client.


O’Brien Wellness may utilize the following evidenced-based researched modalities into your treatment session:



To see how Holistic OT can positively enhance your life, schedule a free consultation.