I recently had the fortunate opportunity to listen to one of Gabby Berstein’s workshops on the Art of Manifesting, and I was even more fortunate to enjoy the company of a good friend while growing from it. We both sat laughing, tearing up, and many moments of “oh” and “yup!” and “duh”.

Resistence to spiritual growth

I had a conversation today with one of my Aunts. I shared my experience from Gabby’s talk and how it meshed so well with so many of the other theories that I have been learning about as of late. She shared with me something so profound [to me anyways]:

We are taught to grow in the areas of the mind, body, and spirit. But we are also taught to grow in ways that are measurable. We can read, learn, and test the growth of our mind. We can diet and exercise and measure the changes in our body. But how do we measure our changes in our Spirtual growth?


I also shared during our conversation this whole idea that Spirituality is also a personal story. Those that believe in a more formal practice such as Catholicism or Jewdeism, have a common bond and belief system, but each person owns their own personal story and connection to their faith. This is hard to see as an outsider.

But what if this whole concept of Spirituality isn’t based on faith, but rather a connection? A connection with something bigger than ourselves? We still cannot measure it, at least from the outside. But rather we feel it growing within us. We begin to feel connected to others, to our surroundings, to nature, and to the Universe. What if we stop the stories on how we should practice and listen to our own hearts? What if we share those experiences with others and encourage one another to discover their own personal connection with something bigger than them. Isn’t that what Spirituality truly is about?

How do you define Spirituality? Do you have a current practice that fosters growth, or are you feeling lacking in this area? Stay tuned, as we will be exploring this in more depth in the upcoming months.

Yours in health