See this beautiful table right here? Let me share a little story with you.

Focusing on one detail can leave you closed off to other opportunities. Having an outsider offering a new perspective can open you to new options and opportunities.

I asked my mom to make the runner with a STAT order. I tend to not plan out details in advance. I had a wellness fair in a week, and I asked my mom to just “whip this up real quick for me”. On the back end, she needed to purchase the fabric for the runner, have the image digitized (still not really sure what that mean), then embroider the logo. Oh ya, and then mail it to me from another state. My mom obviously rocks and rose to the occasion. 

I had in my mind that I would use a chocolate brown tablecloth under the runner. I was insistent that it needed to be chocolate brown. So insistent that I decided to go shopping the day before the event (you can see where this is going).

I was obsessed with the tablecloth, dragging my daughter from store to store desperate to find this CHOCOLATE brown table cloth. And since it is spring and not fall (as my sister informed me) it isn’t exactly the color of the season. I was becoming a little stressed. I had in my mind what this table would look like, how the runner would pop, and all sorts of other things in my mind.

We made it to the last stop and I was done, defeated, and starting to feel down. At that moment, my daughter spotted the blue table cloth. I was so focused on brown that I quickly dismissed her. She looked at me and was all cute and said she loved the color. As I looked at the color, I realized it was the almost exact accent color of my website, AND it was on clearance!

So what’s the point of this story? Sometimes we get so focused on one specific detail that we do not allow other options into our life. It’s like we have those blinders on that they put on horses that keep them on one specific track. While that works for horses (and sometimes for adults) it can make us blind to other options, and sometimes better opportunities.

In my work as a Holistic OT, I play the role of the outsider. The one with the bird’s eye view that asks the questions to allow you to see the bigger picture, and thus more options. 

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With gratitude.