Let me introduce you to the profession of Occupational Therapy.


A little history on OT:


OT was initially developed in 1917 to assist soldiers returning from war. Many of them were injured and felt lost in their place in the world. At the time, nurses were utilized to assist these soldiers to rediscover new activities (occupations) that would restore their morale as well as purpose in life.

Occupational Therapist, the Original Life Coaches. Occupational Therapists help their clients uncover their purpose in life, help create goals, and help to achieve those goals.

Fast forward 100 years and OT’s can be seen in a wide variety of fields from birth to death and everywhere in between. OT’s work with the smallest babies to help prevent future impairments, they work with the aging population to keep them driving safely and in their homes longer. OT’s work with those that are in Hospice care to allow them to have meaning and dignity at the end of their life. OT’s work with at-risk youth to help develop social skills. OT’s can work with those that are struggling with addiction to re-learn life skills.


Occupations are more than your employment, but rather ways that you spend your time that are meaningful to you.


Occupations include your self-care, home management, mobility, transportation, child care, elder care, hobbies, social relationships, romantic relationships, pain management, organizational skills…….. The list goes on an on.


Occupational Therapist help you to engage in activities that bring you joy and balance in your life.


So what makes an OT  good at being a Life Coach?


Life Coaching is defined as a profession that helps people create goals and develop strategies to meet those goals. 

OT’s are solutions based. It is in our DNA to seek out strategies for improvement. We love to think creatively and come up with out of the box solutions to problems. We love to talk with our clients so we can connect and make suggestions that are meaningful to them! We constantly re-evaluate to make sure what we suggest is working, and if not, we go back to the drawing board with you!


OT’s are experts at creating goals!


We know how to break them down into bite-sized pieces that make them achievable (and measurable because we like SMART goals). We only create goals that are meaningful to you;

I mean, what’s the purpose of writing a goal to run a marathon if you hate running??


Occupational Therapist assist clients with creating goals that are meaningful and achievable.

OT’s have a background in psychology.


We understand motivation and how to break through those perceived barriers and self-limiting beliefs. We understand each person has their own unique story, and that we all have the ability to change that story and create the life we want.


OT’s are lifelong learners.


Okay, so we have to continue our education to keep our license, but that mandate ensures that we are constantly learning the newest evidenced-based treatment options for our clients!


Occupational Therapist are life long learners. They complete continuing education to stay up to date on evidence based research to provide client's with the most effective, and safe treatments.


So if you are ready to work through some of those barriers in your life and take things up a notch this year, I encourage you to schedule a free consult.