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‘Cause we put the fun in FUNction!


But in all seriousness, OT’s have a breath of knowledge in all areas of the mind and body of human healing. We have studied the human body and its natural movements, human development, psychology, and more.


Once we graduate, we begin to identify our true passions. Some OT’s find their place with assistive technology, some fall in love with children, while others find their place in the geriatric field.


I happened to fall in love with the holistic and alternative side of OT. Even in college, I was following my heart to learn more about modalities and approaches that allow the individual to be in charge of their own healing process. I began researching craniosacral therapy, health coaching, aromatherapy, and more.


It wasn’t until my own personal journey with a coach and a therapist that I really put the pieces together in what Holistic OT can offer. What I found was that I could intellectually grasp what both were saying to me, but I had challenges with integrating the information. And this is where I brought in my OT skills to bridge that gap.


In my role as a Holistic occupational therapist, I work with my clients to teach new skills to bring about a mind body spirit approach to wellness and healing. I blend both hands-on approaches (such as craniosacral therapy) with other approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy, life story exploration, motivational interviewing and others to create an individualized session as unique as my clients.


April is OT month and I am so passionate about my profession. So thank you for being here, for finding me, and allowing me to share with you!


With gratitude,