Our mind is like a garden. We can tend to it by being mindful of our thoughts, creating space for mindfulness and reflection, and treating it with compassion.

We plant seeds, hoping to benefit from the fruits of our labor.

But it takes more than hopes and affirmations, we must tend to our garden and our mind. We must be mindful of the weeds that are carried in from others.

When we practice regular weeding (mindfulness etc.) we are able to see these weeds when they are still small and easy to manage. But when we become caught up in the drama and neglect our garden, the weeds grow deep roots and take over.

Our mind is like a garden. It needs consistent attention to thrive.

This doesn’t mean we can save our garden, but rather the work will be more laborious and intense. Sometimes the work will be downright painful and leave us wondering if it is even worth it.

Then one day we look out upon our garden and see the beauty that we created. Vibrate with color and life. And this is when we start to reap the benefits of our hard work.  

So let me ask you, how does your garden grow?


With gratitude,