Let me set the stage:

As of late, I have been making a conscious effort to get my butt out of bed in the morning and make time to walk. The weather is thinking about heading towards spring here in Upstate NY. So the mornings are not quite as cold, and I find the walks are a great way to be alone first thing and clear my mind.

When I woke up this morning, per my habit I am attempting to break, I reached for my phone and looked to see what the weather was. I dreary 35 and raining- or more like slush crying from the sky. I quickly went into my old habits of laying in bed rationalizing that a few more minutes of sleep would be better for me. I pushed myself to get out of bed.

As I turned the light on outside to let the dogs out, all I saw was the slush coming down heavy. I became aware of my negative self-talk:

Oh just do a video on the TV……..

Just relax and drink your coffee…….

One day of not walking is no big deal……

I quickly caught myself in my old patterns of excuses….

So I leashed up the dogs, threw on my winter coat- hello Mother Nature- it is APRIL!!– and went out for a walk. Once I started, I realized that that slush pouring from the sky really wasn’t bad- especially as I was prepared for it.

Sometimes we need to shine light on the darkness to help us move forward.

I find on my walks the fresh air and silence help to clear my mind and help to put things in perspective for me. I tend to come home with at least one ah-ha from each walk. So back to the title of this post:

Sometimes lightness makes the darkness seem darker

Sometimes the thought of changing can seem dark and scary. We think we know where we want to go, but we don’t take the steps to plan out in detail how we want to get there. It can be so easy to get caught up in the how it should look, feel, or go that we end up with perfection paralysis and never even begin! Be honest, how often does this happen to you?!?

So how do we get out of this rut? Move past our fears, self-doubt, self-judgment?

The easy answer? START!

Yup, I said it, just start.

Tell fear she can take a break

Tell self-judgement you are going to try something different

Tell self- doubt-  you are wrong

So what will you do today that shines the light on your darkness?